Thursday, March 7, 2013

After all the midterms celebration xD

I always believe , when trouble comes in , there is where you receive your Blessing too :) . I was so so scared that I will fail my instrumental, because that subject was a KILLING ONE !! IS KILLING I TELL YOU !! I spend 3 days preparing and studying for it but I still don't understand I was like TT . And it's a lot like really a lot to memorize .

On the day of the exam , my junior, Nigel met our lecturer in the office and the he told Nigel , no worries you all can do one , trust me , won't fail one . When I heard that I'm like you sure a ?? Can trust him a ?? Is so much wor . But then right , my heart feel so calm and at peace , I know I'm not prepared but somehow or another felt so at peace . Then when the paper came he let us open book test for 1 chapter , and that chapter got lot of marks , it suppose to be 4 marks but he double to 8 marks I'm like o me gosh !! Then he even wrote the answer for a 3 mark question , I'm like WOW !! Is really God Blessing :) felt His love and secure on us :) felt so Blessed . And happy too cause after exam , I brought Ann to try a new cafe that open here . They sell crepe and coffee ( Vietnamese) . And we went shopping all around Kampar too haha . Got us each of ourselves a teddy key chain .

Then after our POB midterm , POB paper was hard , so many question bombarded right infront of our face !! The diagram part I don't understand :((( . The paper was a crying paper seriously :(( very TT . But had fun after exam , really fun celebrated Ah Zul bday and sang karoke , it was a real good night and celebration =)

Pretty Ann and her Japanese crepe 

Our Teddy Key Chains =) 

Ah Zul Present 

The Boys ~ 

Group Photo =) Best photo of the day ; ) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Home is where the heart is ;)

Went back home right after my enzymo midterm . Midterm was hmm ok I guess but I was feeling sorta frustrated before the exam . Really had no mood . Had ice cream with Ann , it was a food carnival from the PR . Then receive a very funny message that kinda cheered me up a bit ;)

When I was on the train . Ayi Lucy called me to ask where I am , say she bought some fresh baked buns from Kajang and true enough it was really fresh , there was egg tarts and chat SIEW bun too but I only tried the tuna mayo ham hehe very fresh . Was so good to be home !! Home cook food , the warm of the family and relatives ;)

Ayi Lucy was telling about Coffee Sociate , it is refillable for any coffee you want , mocha , latte , cappuccino , macchiato and all sorts ;) so all of us went to try xD had dinner at Publika , the food court there was really nice !! Reasonable la . Then off to the coffee place :) . It was a real surprise to let Wan Xin Mei !! :) after for so many years !!

On Sunday , it was a very last minute thing , I went to dye my hair at Fahrenheit , kinda like it hehe And bought my statiinaries with my RM250 voucher . Prepared and studied at home for my midterms , life's good when your at home ;) got aircond haha !! And home cook food ;)

Posing with Butterfly Cookies XD 

My First Red Velvet cake 

Carrot cake ( Marmalade still serves the Best Carrot cake ^^ ) 

While waiting for the coffee to come ~ 


Cousins hehe 

Menu at Coffee Societe 

Caramel Cappuccino ( Really Good !! )   
Picture with Ayi Lucy before she leaves to Singapore for work =( 

Last Night Dinner =) . Home cook soup ! Veggie , carrot , minced meat , red 
dates , egg and tofu =)

Breakfast at home =) . Life's good ! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You made my day ; )

I was really very tired and busy and really exhausted last night till you all made my day ;) . I even fall asleep face palm down infront of the lecturer during practical class !! Seriously tired !! Had class from 8am till 6:40pm . @.@ .

Met up with my Kap Kap family for dinner . Tried the dong gu something lolz not bad . Then met up with Grace . It was truly a Blessed night !! ;) .

I kept telling myself that there will be a time where I don't have to sleep and everyone will be like zombie soon as we are all rushing for our reports , thesis , midterms and lots of other stuff haiz . But then again , there was this reassurance that I can go through all of this with His strength and His time !! So we all going to Hiak Hiak !! Hwaiting together ;)

Prom night is coming up soon , I'm a bit reluctant to go cause have to finish up so many things !! O me gosh and somemore my lectures all encourage all of us to go ~ cause is our last sem and is so cheap !! Rm30 if you go with more then 5 person .

I really had a great night last night !! Thanks to my lovely friend Grace ;) had Mocha and strawberry cheese cake chocolate banana creeps ;) and last night moon was shining so brightly !! It was a beautiful night :)

We had no other place to take photos but inside the Car so we took weird faces lolz 

Coffee Bean inside smells really really good !! 

It is known as the Vietnamese coffee 

Crepe :D 

A Tiring day but a Blessed Day : ) 
 The Moon last night was shinning so Brightly 

 Received a Bouquet of Lighted Flowers ; ) 

 Close Up 
My Pretty Flower Lights . Thank You !! You really made my day ; ) 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ladies Weekend Gate away !

Last two days ago , I stayed back in Kampar cause I really needed to complete my work , I have lot is going on !! My Thesis , my reports , my assignments And 3 MIDTERMS !! I did nothing on Sat afternoon :( at the end I ask Carol what's she's Doing tonight . Whether she wants to study and do thesis together . She said ok so I went over and I really had the determination to do !! Stayed over for 3 days and 2 nights .

1st day , we really did our work like fully concentrating until sue ann ask me whether wanna play 孔明灯 I was so thrilled !! Finally get to play !! It was a really memorable night . Then when I got back , it was around 10:30 , then carol ask wanna stay overnight ?? Then I'm like ok . But I have to wake up to go church la I'm I charge of scripture reading the next day . Then she say ok and we went to get my stuff , mattress , pillow from home it was a real spontaneous ladies night lolz . And we studied till late night and chit chat till I fall asleep with hugging my pillow and slanting my head to the left lolz then at the end she continue studying while I went to sleep .

2nd day
Woke up , went to church , went on stage , the worship song is truly overwhelming , I really enjoyed worship that night . Then , had Tosei for bfast and roti Canai hehe Tosei was really really good !! Then went home for a while to pack my laptop and go to carol place . Had lunch at old town , pan Mee shop , I had pumpkin barley , interesting taste ;) .if you like pumpkin you will like it hehe . Carol was craving for banana haha it was real funny i tell you !! We were talking , and then sudd she say o look bananas , she straight away park and bought banana . LOLZ !! Bought kaya puff and some Chinese desserts . And went dinner with Ah Yong at Las Vegas , and Carol gave her keys to us, when we got back , started studying and prepare for midterm . From 9pm-3am !! Can you imagine ?? My gosh I just couldn't stop studying !! Is like o !! Now it make sense !! Lolz but it as really fun la !! 3 of us studying together and someone 3 of us diff course , one marketing , one psychology , one bio Chem lolz

3rd day
Went market , had bfast , bought red bean and pai kuat for Tomorow and dinner we will be cooking at home xD . Then send ah Yong to uni lolz I drove around Kampar !! And then carol and I cook and prepare the red bean and porridge . Porridge and red bean was REALLY REALLY GOOD !! Hehe really enjoyed it !! Had 2 bowls of porridge xD . Studied and did thesis , so proud of myself !! Hehe anyway I had fun and it was like a vocation at Carols place she made for us tea , green tea , red bean and offer us a lot of stuff . Really felt like vocation ^^

Ladies Night !! All our Tired face after studying for more then 8 hours @@ . Zombie Ladies !! 

Meet Carol !! 
Rise and SHINE !! on Day 3 lolz 

Check out the clouds 

Made red bean soup together ; ) 

Pai Guat Porridge xD Yumm !! 

Pai Guat porridge with meatballs and si chuan salted Veggie !! YUMMMM !! really raelly good i had 2 big BOWLS !! 

Red Bean soup made by us to !! ;D  Not to sweet not to blend it is JUST RIGHT !! *Thumbs UP !! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A romantic and friendship night

Last night , Utar had this throwing orange event where the girls will throw and left their number and guys will just pick it up and find their lucky girl . I wanted to go so badly as I didn't got the chance to experience this before but I have to be back early and the event will end very late at night . So at the end , I didn't go , instead I stayed over at Carol's place to study for my midterm which is coming soon .

Then at around 7:45pm , Sue Ann called me saying : Gracie , free tonight ?? I have good news for you !! You wanna play 孔明灯 together ?? Since you didn't get to play the throw orange . Then I was like YAY !! Okie !! I want !! And I felt so Blessed that finally I get to experience to play 孔明灯 too !! Hehe FINALLY !! So Sue Ann called the others and we meet up at her place around 9pm .

We took turns writing wishes and then light up the wishing lantern together . It was not easy though , have to wait for the hot wind to blow up the lantern and carefully unfold the paper m. When there was enough hot wind inside the lantern , and we felt that it was ready to fly , we just let it go and it flew up up to the sky !! It was such a memorable And romantic night as it was the traditional Chinese Valentine lolz .

Writing down my Wishes and Thank Jesus for all the Good and Great and Blessed things that He have done in my life =) 

Our Lantern 

Ann, Hann You and i 
The hot air is in !! the lantern is about to fly ~

It's ready !! 

There it goes ~ =) 

Sarangheyo ~ 

Group photo !! 

Our LOVE haha . 

Wishing everyone , Happy Traditional Happy Valentines Day !! 

Friendship Forever !! :: << Teddy and Panda >> :: 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Memorable Gathering on our last semester

It was a very last minute decision on having this gathering . But Thankfully most of them could make it :) it's been a while since we last had gathering too . We had it at Kam Ling Ball room restaurant and snap and selca pics with our friends and course mates non stop haha .

Lou sanging together =) 

Ah Chieng and Ann :) 

Elaine and i , my mong mong lolz 

Trying to fit as many head as possible 

Everyone , S M I L E  :) 

The Mong's 
My 亲爱的姑娘们 

A Group photo of all of us =) 

My First picture with all of them =)